Herbal Garden

students in herbal garden

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden

Electric bus

Electric bus

Solar energy

Solar energy

Aerial view of Vajra Academy

aerial view

Harvesting the crops

harvesting process in paddy feild

SLC 2072

SLC Batch 2072


Why choose us ?

We provide quality education with overall development of our students.


The clean fresh air with the lush evergreen flora is conducive and salubrious for the mental and physical growth of young children. “A Home Away From Home” for your child, is a day cum residential school owned and administered by Vajra Foundation Nepal in collaboration with Vajra Foundation Holland. The school is ideally located on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley at a distance of 7.5 km from Ringroad (Chapagaundobato). The school has a quiet neighborhood which is very necessary for the smooth running of the institution.

Quality Education

A quality education system produces students with the knowledge, talent, attitudes, values, and work habits needed to become creative, fulfilled citizens. It provides clear goals, high standards, good teachers and a well-ordered curriculum in order to prepare students who will be competent in their professional lives leading to overall benefit of the society through the education acquired in the Academy. It empowers students to care for their own lives, to cooperate and to live together in a responsible manner and create safety for oneself and others. It promotes further studies in higher education in Nepal or elsewhere.

Changemaker School

Vajra Academy is a "Changemaker school" recognized by Ashoka! Ashoka strives to make empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving (what Ashoka call changemaker skills) as valued in education so that all students find their voices and can make a positive impact on the world. In order to achieve this goal, Ashoka created the Changemaker Schools Network, a global community of leading schools that serve as models for cultivating these skills in students. 260 schools from 34 countries in the network share best practices with each other and benefit from opportunities to collaborate with other schools, connect with Ashoka's partners.

No holiday!
Wishing all EID MUBARAK, the plan of school remains same as for the Parents meeting and open. Thank you!
Posted at: 15 Mangsir 2074 5:45 AM
Salient Features

Welcome to Vajra Academy!

Vajra academy is providing quality education through learners perspective in eco-freindly conducive environment. It has;

  • green and eco-freindly environment (solar steam kitchen, biogas, dairyfarm, organic kitchen / herbal gareden etc.)
  • very spacious classroom
  • innovative and studnet centered curriculum, interactive approach and pedagogical varieties 
  • well facilitated infra structure and accomodation
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