Day- scholars:

Day students living away from the school are provided with transport facility and lunch is also provided to the students at a nominal rate if required.


Residential Facilities: Comfortable, spacious living facilities are available for the residential students. All the amenities such as personal lockers, single beds, hygienic and clean dormitories, proper study hall are given to the students. Individual care is taken to ensure each child is responsible towards his/her belongings. Regarding studies, proper time will be allotted and teachers on duty will give the needed guidance. The children living in the school are entrusted to the care of matrons and assistants who look after their various needs.

Dining Facilities: All meals are prepared keeping in mind the hygienic conditions. The Kitchen Supervisor takes good care, to make sure that each child is served well at all meal times. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served. The children will get four well balanced and nutritious meals daily. Sick children are given special diet suitable to the illness they are suffering from. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are provided as and when available in the market. The children will be served vegetables grown organically in the School’s kitchen garden Technically filtered water is provided to keep the children safe from water borne diseases.

Medical Care: First aid treatment is available in school. The children are given immediate and prompt medical attention to diagnose their illness at the onset of any sign or symptom. In case of serious ailments parents are immediately informed. While every care is taken to prevent accidents, the management will not be liable for injuries sustained by the pupil or any untoward eventualities which may occur in the course of everyday activities.

Besides this, we have an insurance policy collaborating with local Primary Healthcare Centre for the immediate treatment and referral facilities and all the students are under the insurance policy.


There is provision of scholarship for the talent and genuine student. Vajra offer 100%, 50% scholarship in both borders  and day-scholars categories. After every 3 paying students give a free scholarship in the same category to a student from a poor family also, selected by an independent committee.