Vision and Objectives

Vajra Academy is committed to the social, cultural and educational development of children from all works of society without discrimination of caste and creed.

To cultivate excellence and to place this excellence at the service of the community and the country is the main objective of Vajra Academy. The school strives for creative thinking and intelligent self- expression of its students. It also aims at imparting a liberal education, which helps in developing the total personality of the students and bringing about all round healthy growth of their body and mind.

The most outstanding feature of the school is the harmonious and integrated living together of the students having different cultural backgrounds. We, as an institute, ensure that the child reaps the maximum benefits from the teachers, equipments and the environment.

Vajra Academy believes in a friendly and mutually respectful relationship between staff and students where we impart a modern approach to education offering opportunities for the students’ all round development. Students are brought up in a lively and friendly environment and are offered a wide range of academic as well as extracurricular opportunities to develop their individual interests and harness their talents. The school aims to make the child a universal citizen by providing quality education in a ‘green’ and eco-friendly environment.


Vajra Academy comprises a team of well qualified and competent teachers supported by dedicated and professional management staff.


The motto of our school is “We make a difference”.