Application for admission will be accepted from 01 February till the end of April.

  • Formal admission for successful candidates will be completed after the passing of the entrance examination, interview of the parents and the payment of Security Deposit and Admission fees.
  • The principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any pupil without furnishing any reasons.
  • No pupil will be admitted to the school without a birth certificate and a Medical Report of eyes, ears, nose, dental, chest, and blood.
  • The Student’s Date of Birth, once registered at the time of admission, cannot be changed.
  • Admission forms are also available in the website.

Every student should wear a clean uniform daily, which will be as follow :


  • Boys: The school uniform consists of light green half shirt with school crest on the left hand side, dark green pants white socks and black shoes.
  • Girls: Light green half shirt with school crest, dark green skirt, white socks, black shoes


  • Boys: The winter uniform is to be worn after the Dasain Break. It consists of dark red blazer with school crest, dark green trousers, full sleeved shirt, school tie and dark green pullover with school crest.
  • Girls: Dark re blazer with school crest, full sleeved shirt, school tie, divided skirt, white stockings and dark green pullover with school crest.

Boys and girls both are to wear house T-shirts of their respective house (Red, Yellow, Green or Blue) along with the tracksuit availed by the school for the scheduled day; currently student wear this dress on Tuesday and Friday.

Note: The school uniforms are supplied by the school outfitters whose address is given below:
Sunlight House
Chapagaun dobato (near Satdobato)