Years of Establishment

since 2007

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Who are we?

Vajra Academy is Nepal's first green and the only Change-Maker school since 2007. Founded by the visionary Maarten Olthof, we blend learning with nature, nurturing positivity, holistic development, and innovation for sustainable transformation locally and globally.

Core values:

Quality education
Development of social attitude
Environmental consciousness

Our History

Welcome to Vajra Academy, Nepal’s first green school with its distinction as the only Change-Maker school in the country. Established in 2007, Vajra Academy stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation and positive change in the realm of education.

The journey began with the visionary Maarten Olthof, an ecologist and Zen monk from the Netherlands. Maarten's love for Nepal was ignited during his tenure as a tour manager in the 1980s when he explored the country, captivated by its people, natural resources, and rich culture. His deep connection led him to establish Vajra Foundation Netherlands in 1998, which engaged in various health, education, and environmental projects, including a pivotal initiative aiding Bhutanese refugees in Nepal.

Witnessing the challenges faced by families in the refugee camps, the foundation initiated efforts to improve their lives. Their dedication manifested in the installation of the world’s largest solar cooker project to assist the Bhutanese refugees, addressing their cooking needs upon being denied access to the community forest. At the same time, the foundation recognized the needs of children bereft of proper nutrition, education, and health. This need for quality education led the foundation to sponsor children to attend schools in Kathmandu.

However, the challenges persisted as the sponsored children often did not receive the quality education they deserved. This realization prompted the foundation to envision and establish Vajra Academy, a green school dedicated to providing not just quality education but to enhancing livelihoods and environmental sustainability.

Strategically located on the outskirts of Lalitpur, adjoining the protected forest of Bajra Barahi shrine, Vajra Academy benefits from low pollution levels, proximity to nature, and abundant sunlight. This unique environment supports learning, connecting students to nature.