Step 1

Annual admission starts from SHREE PANCHAMI (Saraswoti Pooja).

Step 2

Registration on this occasion will get free admission.

Step 3

Registration opens from Play Group (PG) to Grade VII considering the vacant seats in the respective classes.

Step 4

We encourage parents to visit the school with their children and have a short school tour and interaction with grade teachers.

Step 5

If parents are convinced and children are happy to be in VA, we will take the Basic Level Test (BLT) to know his/her academic level mainly in Mathematics, Science, Nepali and English.

Step 6

After the BLT, there will be a short interview with the level coordinator to know his/her strengths and Weaknesses to create learning opportunities based on his/her personal quality or intelligence.

Step 7

The final round of interviews will be with parents regarding the Academic Level of Students (ALS), Facilities and School Fees and Rules and Regulations of the School.

Step 8

The grade teacher will provide Know Your Parent (KYP) and Know Your Student (KYS) forms to be filled up.

Step 9

A compiled file will be prepared including all the required documents and will be sent to the account section for admission.

1.  Appointment Form

2.  Copy of Parents' citizenship

3.  Copy of grade sheet and character certificate of previous grade

4.  Passport-size photograph of Parents and Students

5.  School Tour Impression Form

6.  BLT papers and result

7.  Interview summary report of students prepared by grade teacher

8.  Final round interview impression report prepared by the level coordinator

9.  Admission granted/Not granted Slip issued by the level coordinator