image Testimonials of Dutch


Dutch health professional

Heartwarming hostel care, with Vajra’s students benefiting from open communication without any caste and gender bias.


Dutch engineer Boudewijn, Dutch educational advisor

Superior education, allowing Vajra students to fully achieve their ambitions. With green project education and teachers trained continuously, Vajra Academy stands out as a model school, challenging students intellectually and socially.


Dutch educational advisor

My Dutch leading Steiner-Waldorf school is proudly affiliated with Vajra Academy and its open and motivated students.

Marie-José and Selma

Dutch educational advisors and artists

As pedagogical experts teaching class communication skills to Vajra’s staff, we were impressed by the Vajra’s school uniform: green for sustainable education, yellow for solar energy, red for warm social engagement!


Dutch sports coach

Vajra offers sport tournaments: fun for both players and audience. After the matches, students even perform dances, songs and drama.

Lizzy and Lau

Dutch educational advisors

Vajra teachers avoid routine work and professionalize continuously. We teach them new skills with video training.


Dutch scholarship manager

Dutch scholarship fundraisers are impressed with the high grades obtained by Vajra students!


British educational advisor

Bali’s Green School is proudly affiliated with pioneer Vajra Academy, setting the standard for green education in Nepal. Here on Bali, I as BGS principal trained Vajra teachers.


Dutch volunteer

Vajra students themselves take green action. I saw them tie a 3-km rope of collected plastic waste all around neighbouring Vajrabarahi forest. Their banners read: ‘Tie the trash! Before the trash ties us…’


Dutch educational advisor

Assessing the Academy’s curricular sustainability, I praise its green aspect, project-based learning and personal attention given to each student. A worthy Changemaker School, boasting superior SEE results in exchange with specialists and schools abroad.


British teacher English

As a native speaker, I teach English pronunciation to Vajra students. Their vocabulary is impressive.


Dutch consular officer

Vajra Academy offers excellent education supported by founding association Vajra Foundation Netherlands, a holistic ecological organization committed to helping underprivileged Nepalis.


Dutch CEO

My Dutch organization proudly endorses Vajra Academy, a school excelling in education, sustainability and solidarity.

image Testimonials of ex-students

Sajan Chitrakar

Bachelor Degree Completed

I proud to be part of our School and I feel very lucky. Firstly, teachers are friendly and our learning methods are practical and more we had other different way of learning and experiencing different based activities such as gardening,Bee keeping,bird watching,sports and so on.More importantly, our school's environment is greenery and peace where learning can be focused.

Rabin Parajuli

Completed: Masters Degree in Economics

It was beautiful and till this date happy with the schooling of Vajra Academy!!! Literally, very greatful to be Vajrian....!!! For the different vibes and ambience of the school, Something different taste of teaching-learning process For affordable fee structure Teaching learning center more than the business house

Kamana Thapa

Completed: Bachelor Degree

Homely hostel environment Good environment, friendly teachers, beautiful nature

Subhekshya Deshar

Bachelor Degree Running

I had a great time in Vajra. The environment there and the teachers there made me more easier to achieve my goals. I am proud to be a part of our beautiful Vajra. In comparison to other local schools, Vajra Academy is the one of the most better schools than other. From education to extra curricular activities. I believe that students are more benefited studying in Vajra Academy due to its peaceful environment and supportive teachers.

Subhekshya Deshar

Completed: Mastes Degree

My experience as a student of VA has been wonderful. I realized later in life how great the environment was for me to grow, learn, and experience life in a family-like environment. So even if I passed out from VA 7 years ago, I still consider the environment I got as an extended family for me. All the teachers and my friends are the core of who I am today and I am grateful for that. My suggestion for Vajra would be to stand true to what it has always been doing, which is making a difference. I have realized the impact of all the unique approaches that Vajra took in not just educating about the courses but in a way, educating about life in general. And I hope the school still takes unconventional approaches to education, not just by covering the syllabus but also by giving a broader range of experiences to the students. From my experience, I think Vajra Academy prioritizes student learning as its core principle, and learning just doesn't just involve the completion of courses. It provides all rounded platform for students to explore their interests and grow in what they are good at.