image Volunteering

Volunteering at Vajra Academy, an eco-friendly school, is a transformative experience.

The experience at Vajra Academy leaves a lasting impact, shaping volunteers into advocates for sustainable living and champions for the harmonious coexistence of education and the planet.

  • icon Dutch volunteers will be decided by Vajra Foundation Holland (VFH) considering the requirements of Vajra Academy (VA).
  • icon Volunteers from other than the European Countries (if any) will be consulted with VFH as per the requirements of VA.
  • icon VA will neither provide remunerations nor bear other personal expenses. Only the following facilities will be provided to the volunteer.
    • a. Accommodation in school
    • b. Food prepared in school canteen
    • c. A facilitator teacher
    • d. Short-distance transportation if required maximum to the ring road
  • icon Terms and conditions, Roles and responsibilities and other rules and regulations of VA will be mentioned in the agreement.
  • icon A report should be produced at the end of the tenure and submitted to the VFH/VA.

1.  Formal application with curriculum vitae.

2.  Short one-minute video describing why he/she is willing to work as a volunteer in VA.

3.  Copy of Passport/ Citizenship

4.  Formal agreement between VFH and Volunteer for European citizens and between VA and Volunteer for the volunteers from other countries.